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When choosing your hearing aid, there are many factors to consider. At Professional Hearing Services, our goal is to find you the model that is tailored to your comfort, lifestyle, and impairment. Schedule your appointment today and see which model is right for you.

Choose from the latest in digital hearing aid technology from leading brands
We are proud to offer ReSound, Starkey, as well as other brands, allowing us to have the best possible options and hearing loss solutions for you as our customer.

60-day adjustment period
We understand that adapting to a hearing instrument can take time, which is why we allow double the adjustment period that most hearing aid centers offer.

Find the style that's right for you

  • Receiver in the canal (RIC)
  • Behind the ear (BTE)
  • Custom in-the-ear models (ITE)
  • Invisible hearing aids
  • Wireless hearing aids

Call 517-439-1610 today to schedule your visit and start improving your hearing condition.

Hearing Aid Products - Hillsdale, MI - Professional Hearing Services
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